Automated state of the heart.

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We are building the next generation of AI software to make reporting echos easier for all those involved. 

We work hand in hand with cardiologists and sonographers around the world so we have a comprehensive understanding of the problems they face, and how to fix them. 


AI automatically sorts and analyses images.


We allow users to view interactive AI measurements


We have a reporting system that generates beautiful structured reports
Consistency is Key icon

Consistency is key. 

AI uses the same algorithm on every image, giving you repeatable results for every study.

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Time is of the essence. 

AI automates measurements for you within seconds.

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No mess. 

We classify and sort images, and only present AI measurements from the best images.

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It’s better up there. 

Our entire system is cloud based, making sharing and accessing from anywhere safe, easy, and secure.

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We can make it work. 

Our software is vendor neutral so can be integrated into anyone’s workflow.

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We look good. 

Our design is flawless, making reporting a cruise not a chore.

Pulse uses AI to automate the analysis of echocardiograms.

Pulse uses a AI pipeline that reads and measures studies within milliseconds using our cloud based server. Our software automatically selects the best clips for analysis, and presents them to users in a beautiful web-based reporting system.

Backed by greats

Invested in by world-leading VCs. 

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