Our Story

In 2018, we set out to design what cardiology would look like in the future. Our team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, from space medicine at NASA, to building race cars.

Our Team

William Hewitt

Founder and CEO

Dr. Patrick Gladding

Founder and Cardiologist

Craig Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Prof. Martyn Nash

Chief Scientific Officer

Conor Sutherland

Operations Manager

Simran Singh

Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Dr. Richard Viney

Lead Software Engineer

Reneta Money

Director of Quality and Regulatory

Hanna Van der Giessen

Clinical Research Scientist

Kyla Klein

Artifical Intelligence Engineer

Dr. Kevin Jamart

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Evangeline Martin

Product Designer

Ardhra Jacob

Quality & Regulatory Associate

Wynn Julian

Sonographer at WDHB