We use artificial intelligence to give you accurate results in milliseconds.

We work closely with cardiologists and sonographers to optimise Platform and ensure we are providing you with software that you want to use. 
Platform obliterates inter and intra-operator variability by using AI to make measurements, reducing the variability that comes with manual measurements. 
Users can either manually send clips to Platform or choose to seamlessly auto-upload clips to our cloud-based server. 

We provide you with accurate results with ease. 

Our most recent study has shown an 83% correlation between the estimated ejection fraction (area length) using Platform's AI pipeline and the ground truth ejection fraction.
correlation with ground truth

We can recognise what scans are acceptable for analysis and reject those that are not. 

Our AI automatically excludes scans that are unable to be measured, ensuring that Platform has a healthy threshold for inadequate scans that would provide inaccurate results. 
rejection factor

Platform will help you optimise your analysis time

Hospitals are struggling with increased demand, and the health system is overworked. Platform will do the analysis for you.
off appointment times

Manual variability is inevitable, let Platform automate measurements. 

By using the same formula each time, our AI pipeline can can help abolish intra- and inter-operator variability.
reduction in variability

We want to make analysis easier for you. 

We are working on adding new measurements and diagnostic data every day. At this stage, this is what Platform looks like.

HeartLab software on laptop

Apical 2 chamber and 4 chamber views with auto-contoured LV wall.

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Measurements will be provided to you on screen and as a generated report.

Patient information can be easily referred to and is automatically filled in.

#diagnosis and #ICD codes will be automated and can be manually added to simplify shared studies.