Simply upload your study to Platform and generate instantaneous results.

We want to make using Platform a ‘no brainer’ for Cardiologists and Sonographers, which is why we are working closely with some of New Zealand’s best to shape Platform into a world-class diagnostic tool.

Our AI-powered Platform automatically detects the contour of the LV endocardium in A2C and A4C, automating the manual measurements traditionally made by clinicians.

Platform then provides the user with an accurate and precise EF, GLS and LV volume measurements before you have even opened the study. 

Our cloud-based server allows for easy viewing of the best clips. 

  • Only the best clips are selected for analysis
  • Speckle tracking is used to determine what’s what
  • Left ventricle is auto-contoured in milliseconds
  • Platform provides the user with the LVV, LVEF, and GLS

Regional strain made easy with EchoSpecko.

Our latest release, EchoSpecko, uses state-of-the-art speckle tracking to calculate regional strain within seconds. 

Our AI-pipeline uses segmentation to separate the left atrial wall into six sections, which can then be tracked individually to indicate regions of stress, pinpointing potential problems.

Platform provides users with a strain curve and bull’s eye plot, helping to aid in patient diagnosis. 

“We can reduce the pressure on cardiologists, get more people through the health system and save thousands more lives by using HeartLab’s technology to help us.”

Will Hewitt, CEO and Founder