Our Story

In 2018, we set out to design what cardiology would look like in the future. Our team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, from space medicine at NASA, to building race cars.

Our people

We are a family with a collective passion for advancing medical technology beyond what is possible today. We bring on only the most motivated people to bring our vision to a reality.

The core development team is a small, but rapidly growing group of engineers based in the HeartLab offices in Auckland, New Zealand.

The wider team includes a scientific advisory board with top scholars from the University of Auckland, and a collection of consultants and advisors. We also have the privilege of working closely with industry experts through our partnerships with world class investors such as Founders Fund, Icehouse Ventures, and LevelTwo.

Our Team

William Hewitt

Founder and CEO
Will is the CEO and Founder of HeartLab, starting the company aged 18 as a first-year University student. Additionally, he is an Honorary Academic at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute and a panelist on the Return on Science MedTech and Surgery Investment Committee.

Dr. Patrick Gladding, MB ChB, PhD

Founder and Cardiologist
Patrick Gladding is a specialist in both general cardiology and internal medicine. He is currently employed as a cardiologist at North Shore Hospital and has expertise in echocardiography, Personalized and Genomic medicine. Patrick trained in cardiology at the Greenlane Cardiovascular Service, and completed a fellowship in advanced cardiac imaging at the Cleveland Clinic. He works at both Waitemata Cardiology and Ascot hospital.

Conor Sutherland

Operations Manager
Conor is the operations manager at HeartLab, dealing with, the business and day-to-day operations of the company and has a hand in the development of numerical methods of our automated echo analysis. His background is in biomedical and mechanical engineering with previous research in biomechanics, signal processing, and computational modelling. Conor holds a Master's of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Colorado State University and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Canterbury University.

Simran Singh

Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Simran is responsible for researching, developing, and maintaining data science workflows at HeartLab. Simran has a background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, with research focus on Deep Learning, Explainable-AI, and Cognitive Science. Simran holds a Master of Computer and Information Science from AUT.

Hanna Van der Giessen

Clinical Research Scientist
Hanna is responsible for bridging the gap between practising clinicians and the team at HeartLab. She manages all ethical applications, protocols, and is the primary person of contact regarding the roll out of Platform to DHB’s. This involves collecting feedback and direction from Cardiologists, Sonographers, and various stakeholders. Her background is in Cardiology and Neuroscience at the University of Otago, and she holds an Honours and Master’s degree.

Prof. Martyn Nash

Chief Scientific Officer
The primary focus of Martyn's research career has been on bioengineering analyses of the heart in order to understand mechanisms and events underlying cardiac electro-mechanical activity in health and disease. As a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Oxford (1997-2002), he established experimental and clinical research programmes to study the electrophysiological function and dysfunction of the heart. He holds positions as Professor in the Engineering Science department at Auckland University and Honorary Professor with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

Dr. Richard Viney, MB ChB

Lead Software Engineer
Richard is a medical doctor and senior software engineer with a passion for the intersection of medicine and technology. He does full stack and infrastructure development to support for HeartLab's rapidly growing product and technology base, and his background also includes expertise in 3D graphics and rendering. In his spare time Richard is a keen musician and songwriter.

Kyla Klein

Research Engineer
Kyla’s role at HeartLab involves researching and implementing methods of calculating vital statistics from echocardiographs and applying them to Platform. She is currently at the tail end of an Engineering Science and Math Honours conjoint degree at the University of Auckland, with one year left until completion.

Craig Brown

Craig is a Chartered Accountant who has worked for high-tech start-up companies for 24 years. He works with the boards and shareholders to grow the business world-wide, and maximise shareholder returns. He is experienced in growing companies internationally. Craig has worked as CFO with over 32 companies in multiple sectors including cancer therapies, diabetes therapies, medical diagnostics including cardiac diagnostics, orthopaedic planning software and vision screening, skin-burns repair, induction power, nano tech drug delivery, clean tech, electronic muscle, parking guidance, avatar sign-language assistant, SAAS software, fintech software, and vaccines.

Evangeline Martin

Product Designer
Evangeline is an experienced product designer, whose goal is make HeartLab’s products as easy to use as possible. She has a keen interest in how psychology, design and science all intersect. At HeartLab she focuses on end to end design, covering everything from user research to UX and UI design. Evangeline holds a Masters of User Experience design from Wellington ICT Grad School, and has previous background in medical device design from her Industrial Design degree from Victoria University.

Kevin Jamart, PhD

Artificial Intelligence Engineer
After going to med school and completing a Bachelor and Master's degree entitled "Cellular biology, physiology and pathology", Kevin pursued another Master's degree in Bioinformatics before starting and completing a PhD on cardiac image processing using machine learning. Strong from his experiences at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute as well as from the Liryc institute in France, Kevin has an extensive knowledge and understanding of applied cardiology in a hospital setting. At HeartLab Kevin is part of the research and development team as an AI research engineer developing the high-end AI engines used at HeartLab.

Ardhra Jacob

Quality & Regulatory Associate
Ardhra is a medical device professional with a passion for medical device Quality and Regulatory Affairs. Her role in HeartLab involves creating and maintaining a robust Quality Management System, coordinating and completing reports required by regulatory agencies and working with project teams to obtain market approval for HeartLab's products. She holds a Masters degree in Medical Devices and Technologies from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Wynn Julian

Sonographer at WDHB
Wynn is a Cardiac Sonographer who liaises with HeartLab as we build Platform. As she is a user of Platform, she is able to comment on its usability, and what it needs or doesn't need to be the best tool for clinicians such as herself.